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The Big Story

Once upon a time there was a young girl called Indigo, who lived on a farm in the Australian outback.

She loved watching birds, rearing animals, and taking long walks by the river. She especially loved endangered Australian animals – like quokkas and koalas.

So, she dreamed of quokkas in clothes like Peter Rabbit. (She's a fan of Peter Rabbit, by the way). Her quokkas had a ‘qommunity’ and got up to all kinds of mischief, fun and adventure. Some were quirky, some were quiet, some were quarrelsome, but all were cute in her outback qommunity.

She decided to create an NFT art collection of her quokka qommunity, and draw attention to a lesser known, threatened species in Australia.


What's a Quokka?

The quokka is extremely cute and photogenic, and also known as the "world's happiest animal"! Their beaming smile has made them a selfie sensation.

They are an endangered species that live on Rottnest Island, off the southern coast of Western Australia.

Photo of real-life quokka Photo by Mark Stoop, Unsplash.

Meet Indigo


QQ Qomics

Quokkas on the Run is available to read! We originally released this first comic in three parts, as the community voted on plot twists after each part, which affected the storyline in the next part!

Read the comic here:

Our Roadmap

Minting go brrrrr! Launch of 5,000 NFTs.

Quokka Qommunity Comics. The first edition, Quokkas on the Run, is done!

The Indigo Official Collection is a series of 7 unique 1:1 NFTs that each tell a story. When combined, however, they tell an unfolding tale, set in the iconic West Australian landscape of the beautiful, rugged Kimberley region.

Other 1:1 spin-off collections from Quokka Qommunity will follow. Each NFT will have unique characters and features from Quokka Qommunity, just as Star Wars and Marvel have spun off other story lines, like The Mandalorian and the Spiderman series. These have enhanced the value of the core franchise, and we expect The Indigo Official Collection and others will do the same for all our QQ NFT holders.

Interested to go on a tour of Western Australia? The Indigo Official Collection is set in the remote Kimberleys of north west Australia, an ancient, rugged region with spectacular gorges, thundering waterfalls, beautiful beaches, untouched coral atolls and vast cave systems. You'll discover ancient rock formations, the unique boab tree, view rare pink diamonds and the gold exhibit at the Perth Mint (mentioned in our comic, Quokkas on the Run). Finally you'll meet the real stars of Quokka Qommunity – the quokkas themselves on Rottnest Island! Well it might be a bit challenging for you to come on tour, so we'll put together a scrapbook and behind-the-scenes notes of people, places, exotic animals and landmarks mentioned in our Quokka series.

Donate $20k to charity for saving the quokkas, once minting is finished.

(Re) Generation 2.0 - the quokkas regenerate into something spectacular! Maybe even in the 3D Metaverse

Illustrated e-book(s) to come! Think: Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit community meets modern movie adventure – that's Quoooooookka Q, fast and furious! We might even have an animated short movie!

Future collabs with other projects!

Project FAQ

What's an NFT?
NFT stands for "non-fungible token" - which is another way of saying it's a unique, one of a kind digital item.
You can use your Solana wallet (e.g Phantom) to buy and store your NFT. Then, you can view your quokka in your wallet!
How do I create a Solana wallet, and buy Solana?
Follow the steps in this article to create a Phantom wallet!
Click here to learn how to buy Solana and mint a quokka NFT!
Is there a secondary marketplace I can buy from?
We are officially listed on the Magic Eden marketplace, and on Digital Eyes as well!
Follow the steps in this article to list your quokka NFT on Digital Eyes!
Who are the team?
Our team consists of Indigo and her fam, plus our NFT advisors.
Why should I get a quokka?
When you mint or buy a quokka, you'll be contributing to an a young person's creativity, and you are also making a difference in the future of the quokkas!
Holders of quokka NFTs will also be entitled to airdrops, promotions, new collections, collabs with other projects and more in the coming months!
Once you mint / buy them, you are free to do anything with them under a non-exclusive license.
We have reserved 130 Quokkas for the team, giveaways, promotions, rewards, and so on. The other 4,870 are available for mint.
Awesome! How do I mint a quokka NFT?
Minting is open for 0.5 SOL! Mint a quokka at our mint page!
If you want to know how to use your Phantom Wallet to buy NFTs, or how to create a Phantom Wallet, check out our Medium page!

Colouring Pages

Colouring pages for children - simply click one of these images to download, and print it out!

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